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[sumo-user] Using TAZ as junction departed flow

Junction flow is new to 1.12, and upon trying this, it was reported that a TAZ would be needed.
Well first time examining TAZ. This seems very suitable for my needs, but still I'm stuck.

The screenshot shows that the TAZ has edges associated with it, as expected.
Ideal to let a flow run from one of two southern junctions to a north TAZ, where the flow is dynamically controlled from the one or the other junction - dependent on traffic density in the middle of the city.

But by experimenting with this, I only can define a flow from a junction or an edge, not a TAZ id.
Upon simulation, I only see this flow running on the longer of the two routes: towards the end junction I defined (I see a straight ratsnets line instead of edge flow line following the exact shortest route).
What am I doing wrong?

BTW: it was necessary to start the gui with --junction-taz, according to
(indeed before doing that I got an error).
The alternative would be a TAZ-file - which I would prefer. But the two TAZ definitions are stored within the additional files...

Any help appreciated.

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