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Re: [sumo-user] Calibrating OD with edge count data

Thanks four comment!

Having more open source code to chose from would be good.
I do think that your problem of OD estimation is a bit different from that one that the outlined routeSampler approach solves.
The above approach takes the OD-matrix as ground truth  (either es edge-to-edge or zone-to-zone counts) and only varies the routes to match the local edge traffic counts.
More details on the optimization approach can be found at


Am Mo., 31. Jan. 2022 um 15:14 Uhr schrieb Mahajan, Vishal <vishal.mahajan@xxxxxx>:

Dear Jakob and Joel, 

I am working on a similar problem so wanted to jump into this discussion. But I am using a different optimizer than the

This problem pertains to the class of problems popularly known as (Indirect) OD demand estimation. So basically I am using another optimizer (extended-SPSA) that is exogenous to the SUMO, and interacts with given OD inputs + other SUMO parameters to match the count outputs. The final result is a calibrated or updated OD matrix and other parameters.
I assume routesampler also does something similar, but it would be great if there were couple of lines in the docs on its optimization approach. I tried to understand the code though.

I hope to make the codes open in the near future.

Thank you

Best Regards



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