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Re: [sumo-user] Warning occurs when using the tool

the tool is meant to write it's results to standard output rather than into an output file. A typical way to call it would be defintion.csv > tls.add.xml

the warning itself was due to the linked issue ( and is now fixed. You could simply replace your version of with this:


Am Do., 27. Jan. 2022 um 13:01 Uhr schrieb Louis Tümmler <l.tuemmler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hello SUMO-Team,


I am currently trying to import a static traffic light programm using the csv2SUMO tool.

A csv-file according to the example from the SUMO-website has been created. I checked the file for missing values or connections but haven´t found any.

Yet I get the following warning when I try to implement the program:



    <tlLogic id="cluster_1894106829_33124325_9255883493" type="static" programID="1" offset="0">

missing value O at 0 (1); setting to g

        <phase duration="26" state="Go"/>

        <phase duration="5" state="yo"/>

        <phase duration="2" state="ro"/>

        <phase duration="7" state="ro"/>

        <phase duration="10" state="ro"/>




When i check the program afterwards nothing has changed.

Does anyone know what the problem might be?



Thanks in advance



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