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Re: [sumo-user] TraCI: Close a lane to all Vehicles for a given time

disallow everything: setDisallowed(laneID, ["all"])
alternatively, allow only a singe class that probably isn't used in your vehicle input: setAllowed(laneID, ["authority"]). Bonus: the lane will be orange in the GUI.

Not with traci, but you can do time-based permission changes with XML input:

Am Mo., 24. Jan. 2022 um 19:11 Uhr schrieb Jordan Mc Connon <jordan.mcconnon5@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
I'm using TraCI's python API to control my SUMO simulation
and need to close off (for all vehicle types) a given Lane, L, for some period of time, D.


Seems to be the only solution to close the lane off, however it requires me to specify a list of all vehicle classes I want to disallow (and unlike the setAllowed command doesn't assume that empty arguments means all vehicles).

(1) I don't know what this list needs to be so it disallows all  vehicles, if someone could provide that, it would be much appreciated.

(2) In terms of re-allowing the Lane after time D, I am currently using a datastructure in the python script and doing the time keeping manually, is there a better way to do this via TraCI?

Jordan McConnon

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