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Re: [sumo-user] Question about Energy Model used in SUMO

In the current model, the power requirement is scaled directly with the propulsion efficiency at all speeds. Thus, the energy consumption will be doubled if the efficiency is cut in half.
By default, vehicle behavior will not be affected otherwise. The sole exception is the elechybrid device. It actually limits vehicle acceleration by the available power and thereby creates a mechanism by which propulsion efficiency impacts vehicle behavior.

Am Mo., 24. Jan. 2022 um 02:15 Uhr schrieb Ifezue Obiako <vincentobiako@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hello Everyone

I was adjusting the propulsion efficiency in my SUMO model and I was wondering how big of a difference does the propulsion efficiency affect a vehicle's performance in SUMO (assuming all other parameters are held constant)? For example, I had a scenario that I was running that had a propulsion efficiency of 0.95 and a different scenario with a propulsion efficiency of 0.44.

Thank you
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