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Re: [sumo-user] The edge within the route is not known.

The most likely source of this errors is this sequence:
- use tool XYZ to define routes for network A
- use those routes with network B (i.e. after modifying A with netedit and saving it under the same name)

Possible fixes:
- re-run tool XYZ with the modified network
- filter out invalid routes by running them through 'duarouter' with option --repair


Am Mo., 10. Jan. 2022 um 13:22 Uhr schrieb Arbi Alaouy <estdoctor@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi everyone

I'm getting this error while running sumo.
Error: The edge '-58824358114291078#3' within the route  is not known.
 The route can not be build.

Can I get a help on how to identify and fix this error.
and if there some tools or scripts that can scan sumo
files to detect possible in sumo map ?

Thank you very much.
Best regards

El-arbi El-alaouy

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