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[sumo-user] Simple Traffic Lights Simulation


I'm totally new to Sumo and trying to work out how to create a very simple microscopic simulation of traffic flowing through a set of lights.

The simple setup I'm after is a single road (possibly with multiple lanes) with a set of lights midway along it. I want to send a stream of traffic down the road towards the lights. The traffic enters the system at random times but following an overall average flow rate. There may be a mix of different vehicle types of differing lengths and speeds.

I want to be able to vary the flow rates and signal timings to observe how it affects queue lengths and average speed.

I've successfully installed Sumo and managed to setup a simple network (without lights) with a fixed set of vehicles but I can't work out how to autogenerate a constant flow of traffic so I can analyse long term averages.

Any help or pointers to relevant examples would be massively appreciated.

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