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Re: [sumo-user] EV battery consumption values

Spain uses ',' as decimal separator so the '.' in 50.000 is for digit grouping.

Am Do., 30. Sept. 2021 um 17:42 Uhr schrieb The div <div@xxxxxxxx>:
Not surprising that a 50 Wh battery is consumed quickly - I don't believe any current (sic) EV has a capacity that low - try 50 kWh :)

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In the paper Kurczveil, T., López, P.A., Schnieder, E., Implementation of an Energy Model and a Charging Infrastructure in SUMO you have an example with an electric bus. Use these parameters in your vehicle and check if the result is coherent with your expected result. If not, send me network and route file.




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I’m working on a simulation of an electric vehicle going from one city to another. Total distance is 100km and the vehicle has the following parameters:

- max speed (m/s) = 33.3 m/s (100 km/h)

- speedFactor = 1

- has.battery.device = true

- maximumBatteryCapacity (Wh) = 50.000 Wh.

- maximumPower (W) = 239.000 W.

- vehicleMass (Kg) = 1700 kg.

- frontSurfaceArea (m²) = 2.34 m².

- airDragCoefficient = 0.23.

- internalMomentOfInertia (kg m²) = 0.01 kg m².

- radialDragCoefficient = 0.5

- rollDragCoefficient = 0.01

- constantPowerIntake (W) = 50 W

- propulsionEfficiency = 0.9. .

- recuperationEfficiency = 0.9.

- stoppingTreshold (km/h) = 0.1.

- actualBatteryCapacity (Wh): 50.000.

Simulation has 3600 steps, step-length of 1 second.

The battery output says that the battery has been almost entirely consumed, and this doesn’t make any sense cause 50.000 Wh of battery capacity should last for around 300 km.

Is there any parameter I am misunderstanding or assigning an incorrect value?

I am trying to reproduce some features of Tesla Model 3 with maximumBaterryCapacity, maximumPower and vehicleMass.



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