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Re: [sumo-user] what does 'overlapping' indicate in lcState ?

'overlapping' means that the vehicle would violate it's own minGap requirement or that of its follower vehicle or even crash physically when changing to the target lane at the current time.
(This means lane changing is blocked regardless of the lcAssertive value).

The stopping position was chosen heuristically based on the following criteria
- distance that can be driven before a lane change is necessary
- driving speed of the ego vehicle averaged over multiple time steps
- traffic density on the target lane
- speeds and gaps to the immediate leader and follower vehicles
In the above image I would guess that there was a "promising" gap between the third and fourth vehicle on the target lane but unfortunately the third vehicle is standing too far back to let the lane change succeed.

Questions to ask for this scenario:
- how did the ego vehicle end up on this lane? Could it have entered the target lane earlier?
- is the left turn phase sufficiently long to handle the observed volume of left-turning traffic?


Am Di., 14. Apr. 2020 um 06:00 Uhr schrieb Hao Zhou <zhouhaoseu@xxxxxxxxxx>:
Hello Jakob,

Hope you are doing well. A quick question on lcState info: what does 'overlapping' mean in the following case?
As the figure shows, the selected vehicle is going to make a lane change to its left. 'lcState left' says left|strategic|urgent|overlapping|blocked. Other key words are intuitive, but what does 'overlapping' mean here? Do you have any insights?
Also, where should such vehicles halt to find a gap for its strategic lane change? It blocks upstream traffic but its halting position looks random. 


Thank you and take care,

Hao Zhou,
PhD student in Transportation Engineering,
Georgia Tech
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