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Re: [sumo-user] Help : How to Retrive Edge Params

traci.edge.getParameter(edgeID, paramName)

Am Sa., 11. Apr. 2020 um 16:33 Uhr schrieb Bijal <bijal.varia88@xxxxxxxxx>:
Dear Sir,

Following is the edge :

<edge id="0" from="296" to="308" priority="10" type="highway.tertiary">
<lane id="0_0" index="0" allow="private emergency authority army vip passenger hov taxi tram rail_urban rail rail_electric rail_fast ship" speed="22.22" length="96.49" shape="875.15,2857.66 971.46,2863.54">
<param key="origId" value="166848034"/>
<param key="area" value="0"/>
<param key="traffic_level" value="1"/>

I want to retrieve "param" using Traci. Please help How to do?

Bijal Varia
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