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Re: [sumo-user] Cadyts

So, I downloaded the files from github and placed cadyts folders inside that in sumo/bin.

But I am getting the same error. I can't find this cadytsSumoController.jar file.

On Thu, Apr 2, 2020 at 4:42 PM <yun-pang.floetteroed@xxxxxx> wrote:



Have you checked if you have the cadyts tool? cadyts ist not in the sumo/bin anymore. If you want to use cadyts, you need to download it firstly ( ) and place in the directory “bin” or change the file path and change the name. If it is not the reason, you can look at the cadySumo-log.txt to see the error messages. If necessary, you can also send me the file and I can check it.


Best regards,



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While i am trying to run I am getting this error. Can anyone help me with this?


Execution of ['java', '-cp', '', '-Xmx1G', 'floetteroed.cadyts.interfaces.sumo.SumoController', 'INIT', '-varscale', '1.0', '-freezeit', '85', '-measfile', '/home/rony/Downloads/realflow.xml', '-binsize', '900', '-PREPITS', '5', '-bruteforce', 'False', '-demandscale', '2.0', '-mincountstddev', '25.0', '-overridett', 'False', '-clonepostfix', '-CLONE', '-cntfirstlink', 'False', '-cntlastlink', 'False'] failed. Look into cadySumo-log.txt for details.


Thanks in advance.

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