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Re: [sumo-user] and pedestrians

Dear Andres,

yes, it is possible but more delicate than with normal lanes. As with other signal groups, you have to specify for which connections they should be responsible, indicating from/to lane or edge IDs. The bad thing in this respect is that these are created automatically by Netedit/Netconvert and are not so easy to get, especially if you want pedestrian crossings with different signals per direction.

You can switch on the waiting area and crossing IDs in the GUI view settings (See Junctions > Show crossing and walkingarea names). Although pedestrians can use crossings in both directions, the crossing edge itself is directed. Depending on whether you want to set the signal at the crossing edge begin or end side, from/to edge combination is either

  • from waitingarea to crossing
  • from crossing to waitingarea

I hope you understand better how this works now.

Best regards

Am 02.04.2020 um 00:35 schrieb Andres Felipe Acosta Gil:
Dear SUMO community,

I am working with but I did not find a way to insert a traffic light group for pedestrians related to a pedestrian crossing. Is it possible with this tool?

Thanks in advance.

Andres Felipe Acosta Gil, M.Eng.
Software developer
Universidad Nacional de Colombia - sede MedellĂ­n
Facultad de Minas
Cra 80 No 65-223, Bloque M3, Oficina 209
Tel: +57 (4) 4255092
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