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Re: [sumo-user] Fwd: Netedit Seg. Fault w/ OSM Web Wizard

The error message indicates that your command line call invokes and outdated version of netedit. (Check the version info in the help->about screen).
You probably need to adapt your $PATH variable or remove the older version.


Am Di., 31. März 2020 um 16:06 Uhr schrieb CLANCY, JOSEPH <J.CLANCY6@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

From: CLANCY, JOSEPH <J.CLANCY6@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tuesday 31 March 2020, 13:45
To: sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Netedit Seg. Fault w/ OSM Web Wizard

Hi there,

Just recently switched over from Windows to Ubuntu to use SUMO.

I'm using the OSMWebWizard to generate my SUMO files for me. However, when I run netedit in the terminal and then try to open the "" file, I get a segmentation fault (attatched). If I run "sumo-gui" first, then open the generated .sumocfg, then from the sumo-gui interface open netedit, it opens perfect.

I've tried running netedit with gdb and it runs perfectly, does that mean it's a race cond.?

What changes from running netedit itself from the CLI versus in gdb versus through sumo-gui?


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