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[sumo-user] Error in FCD output using device

Hi Jakob,


I would like to restrict the FCD output to specific vehicle types.


Using the vehicle id it is working fine:

  --device.fcd.explicit actuated_06_0,actuated_06_1


Leads to:

   <timestep time="21611.00">

        <vehicle id="actuated_06_0" x="6.807090" y="50.926368" z="70.000000" angle="71.848000" type="passenger1" speed="13.476307" pos="0.000000" edge="-24815294#0" slope="0.000000"/>

        <vehicle id="actuated_06_1" x="6.811326" y="50.906366" z="77.000000" angle="296.588662" type="passenger4" speed="11.113631" pos="0.000000" edge="-263269156" slope="1.439594"/>



Using the type (e.g. “passenger4”)

  --device.fcd.explicit passenger4


The fcd output ignores all vehicles and just writes the timestep.


<timestep time="21611.00">


Can you confirm that the used “type” is correct as stated in the docu ( ?

Can you fix it please?


Further I tried the “.gz” compression of the fcd output. At the end of the simulation the files remains empty and the simulation failed with segmentation fault.






Dr. Florian Berkes


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