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Re: [sumo-user] develop car-following model

there are two places where this error can originate: SUMOVehicleParserHelper.cpp line 692 and 872. I recommend stopping on these lines with a debugger to check which one of the two it is and consequently from which container your model is missing.


Am Fr., 27. März 2020 um 00:28 Uhr schrieb wangwenxuan <wangwenxuan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:


I’m trying to develop my own car-following model. Following

I have developed a new car-following models, but when I use the model in file rou.xml , execute by sumo-gui :

Error: Unknown cfmodel  when parsing vtype 'xxxx'

Quitting (on error). 

According to online answers (,, I’ve checked the  SUMOXMLDefinition.cpp and .h, and  SUMOVehicleParseHelper.cpp.

But it didn’t work. So, the reason for my problem is different from the above two. Could you please comment on my question? Thank you very much!

The SUMO on my macOS Mojave is Version 1.5.0.


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