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Re: [sumo-user] Error when loading state

Was the simulation that saved the state started with option --ignore-route-errors?
Did the network change between saving and loading the state?
If neither of these is true, the the error may be due to a bug.
Can you get a hold of the original route input and compare this to the saved route?
Can you save the state again (and thus make the issue reproducible)?

Am Do., 26. März 2020 um 22:42 Uhr schrieb Leonardo Solé Rodrigues <leosole@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I'm trying to start a simulation given a previously saved state, but I get the following error:
Error: Vehicle '286760_475_0' has no valid route. No connection between edge '30350823#0' and edge '-14567595#1'.

This error didn't occur when I ran the simulation without loading the state

Leonardo Solé Rodrigues
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