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[sumo-user] SUMO gap2pred MSCFModel_CC

I am trying to use SUMO as a Platoon simulation software, through Plexe and Veins extensions. I am currently using 0.32 version for SUMO.
So my question is how the 'gap2pred' and 'predspeed' variables used in MSCFModel_CC are defined. I get the meaning of those variables but their definition in the code is a mystery for me. I cant find any function that serves that purpose. I found through sourceforge archives an older version of SUMO where gap2pred was defined in the MSVehicle.h as a function. But this function isn't in use any more. Although i think it might has something to do with the getcarfollowVariables() function, but i cannot either find all the cars defined variables. Please enlighten me.

Best regards,
Thodoris Zerlentis
Undergraduate Mechanical Engineer Student

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