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Re: [sumo-user] netconvert opendrive 1.5

There is support
The error is unrelated to new 1.5 features. You can find a list of missing features at
According to Section of the OpenDrive 1.5 Sprecification, the signal type cannot be empty (though it may be set to -1 or "none").
You should be able to suppress this error by setting netconvert option --ignore-errors but I recommend fixing your input file.

Am Mi., 25. März 2020 um 22:01 Uhr schrieb Ben Redouane <mohamed.berrazouane@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Dear community,

I have an OpenDrive Version 1.5 map that I am trying to convert using
NETCONVERT into a SUMO readable format.  However, I am getting the

Warning: Given openDrive file 'XXXXXX.xodr' uses version 1.5;
 Version 1.2 is supported.
Error: Attribute 'type' in definition of signal '294' is empty.
Error: Attribute 'type' in definition of signal '303' is empty.
Quitting (on error).


Is there any support for xodr versions 1.5 ?
Thank you for your help and guidance!

With gratitude,

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