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Re: [sumo-user] Simpla

Thank you for your reply! Yes, I didn’t add the human type to the vTypeMap. But, human type won’t join or leave the platoon. I don’t know  where to add it. Can you help me to figure this out?
In addition, I thought the vehicleSelector(“simpla" in my example) can help me identify whether the vehicle type id will be controlled or not. The human driven vehicle id is “human” without the vehicleSelector, so it won’t be controlled by Simply. Do I understand this in the right way? 
<vehicleSelector value="simpla" />
<controlRate value="1.0"/>
<maxPlatoonGap value="15.0"/>
<catchupDist value="50.0"/>
<switchImpatienceFactor value="0.1"/>
<platoonSplitTime value="3.0"/>
<lcMode catchupFollower="514" catchup="514" follower="514" leader="597" original="597"/>
<speedFactor catchupFollower="1.3" catchup="1.2" follower="1.1" leader="1.0" original="1.0"/>
<verbosity value="1"/>
<vTypeMap original="orig_simpla" leader="leader_simpla" follower="follower_simpla" catchup="catchup_simpla" catchupFollower="catchupF_simpla" />

On 03/12/2020 18:15Jakob Erdmann<namdre.sumo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
It looks as if you did not add the human type to the vTypeMap in your simpla configuration.

Am Do., 12. März 2020 um 23:41 Uhr schrieb wangwenxuan <wangwenxuan@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:


I am working on a project and need to simulate Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and human-driven Vehicles (HV). I am using different car-following models for the two types of vehicles.

Behaviors of these two kinds of vehicles don’t affect each other.

I tried Simpla, and it ran well. But after I added the human-driven vehicles (red circle in the following picture), it went wrong.

the error information about the code is as follows, I don’t know what KeyError 71means.


Is this achievable in SUMO? Any comments or hints on how to pull this off would be highly appreciated.


Best Regards,

Wenxuan Wang

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