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[sumo-user] Query regarding sumo behavior with lanechangemode and setspeedmode

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a student doing my master thesis on reinforcement learning with SUMO.
I have been developing on SUMO for quite a few time. I have set
setSpeedMode to 6 to regard the max acceleration and deceleration for the
vehicle. And laneChangeMode to 0 to disregard any lane changes done
automatically by SUMO. However, I am troubled with two cases. Following are
the problems I am facing:
1)  If I try to decelerate on every time step. The vehicle is still able to
gather some velocity every other step.
2) I am trying to make a lateral collision in which no actual collision
happens laterally just that I see if traci doesn't allow me to change the
lane then it is collision. But with above conditions, my vehicle basically
switches position with other lateral vehicles. I wish to disable this

I would highly appreciate any feedback you could provide.

Best Regards
Pranav Sharma
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