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[sumo-user] simulate car movement in a virtual urban city

Hi guys,

I use a 3D game engine to visualize the vehicles simulated by SUMO. I found sometimes vehicle movement are not realistic enough from the camera view of people on the street or in the car, Such as:

1. There are pure lateral movements after traffic turned green. The car is in a wrong lane which forbid turning left. (--lateral-resolution is enable)
2. The turning left/right motion sometime is not very smooth.

Are these known issues?

I'm new to SUMO/traffic simulation. I'm aiming to build a virtual city in 3D game engine, which needs reasonable traffic flow in marcro scale and reasonable individual vehicle motion from the view of nearby pedestrian.

Could anyone give some general suggestion on these questions?
a. Is it the right approach to simulate both level of details all in SUMO?
b. if not, what's the reasonable approach?

Thanks a lot!

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