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Re: [sumo-user] Fuel consumption in sumo

fuel consumption also depends on accel/decel and for some models on slope
as well.
For further reading see
The source code for the models is in utils/emissions. The core component is
the compute() function of the Helpers* classes.

2017-10-23 6:45 GMT+02:00 Santa Maiti <smaiti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi Jacob,
> Could you please clarify, is the fuel consumption of a vehicle in any
> timestamp depends on only its speed or any other parameters like
> accel/decel. I was checking the output file, in some cases, it is showing
> fuel consumption is 0  through the vehicle has some speed. Is there any
> link which explains how the fuel consumption is computed?
> Regards,
> Santa
> --
> Santa Maiti,
> Ph.D Student,
> Geomatics, Department of Infrastructure Engineering,
> University of Melbourne.
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