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Re: [sumo-user] SUMO, NS3 and NetAnim

then randomTrips tools with the mentioned parameters -p 1.4 -e 1000 generates ceil(1000/1.4) = 715 vehicle trips.
If your network is fully connected then all of these trips are valid so this is the number of vehicle you will see (not all at the same time, however).
The warning regarding nodes without mobility results from trips that are invalid (which likely happens when picking origin and destination randomly). Thus the sequence of ids in the rou.xml file is not continuous. To find out the total number, either run sumo with the option --verbose (which will list the total number of vehicles) or run 'grep -c "<vehicle " cars.rou.xml'

If you need a fixed number of vehicles in your simulation, see


2017-10-20 9:54 GMT+02:00 Víctor Caballero Codina <vcaballero@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I have followed this example to generate random trips . In this example, there are two commands that generate trips, one of them is: python sumo/tools/ --n -r cars.rou.xml -t "type=\"car\" departSpeed=\"max\" departLine=\"best\"" -c passenger --additional-files car.add.xml -p 1.4 -e 1000 -l .

Then, I'm trying to import the generated simulation file (after running sumo) in NS3 via and generate a file for NetAnim. I am concerned by the following:
- I have to specify the total number of nodes. The only way I am aware of knowing the number of total nodes is doing a tail cars.rou.xml , where I will see the last id. How can I specify it at generation step?
- I have added "AnimationInterface anim("animation.xml")" before the simulation starts, but at the end of the simulation, NetAnim outputs warnings like "AnimationInterface WARNING:Node:1 Does not have a mobility model. Use set constant position if it is stationary.". Do I need to set a mobility model? The traces are already generated by SUMO, aren't they? How can I fix that?
- Visualizing the generated "animation.xml" file via NetAnim shows nodes at constant position. I guess that by fixing the problem explained above this will be fixed.

Thanks in advance.

Víctor Caballero (vcaballero@xxxxxxxxxxxx)
Ph.D. Student at La Salle Barcelona - Ramon Llull University

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