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[sumo-user] * is not downstream the current route. traci.vehicle.setBusStop problem


As checking the archived bugs. I did have a probelm when using

traci.vehicle.changeTarget(veh_id, departure_stop_edge_id)
print veh_id, traci.vehicle.getRoute(veh_id)
traci.vehicle.setBusStop(veh_id, departure_stop_id, duration = 10)

The error like this
traci.exceptions.TraCIException: Bus stop 'busstop7' for vehicle 'AES_1' on
lane '1/2to2/2_0' is not downstream the current route.

I have checked the route by "traci.vehicle.getRoute(veh_id)" which liked
['2/2to3/2', '3/2to4/2', '4/2to1/2', '1/2to2/2'], where edge "1/2to2/2" is
within the route at index of 3.
It seems the conditions are all satisfied, but error is still there.
1) the stop edge is part of the route.
2) There is only one busstop assigned.
3) No later stops.


*Re: [sumo-user] Error: * is not downstream the current route.
From: Jakob Erdmann <namdre.sumo@go...> - 2014-12-10 07:35:54

the netcheck documentation was wrong and has been corrected.
As to the 'not downstream' error, it is triggered in either one of the
following cases
- the stop edge is not part of the route
- the stops do not appear in the same order as the edges in the route
- a later stop appears at an earlier position on the same edge as an
earlier stop
If you can rule out all of these cases, please send in your complete input
files as it may be a bug
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