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[sumo-user] walking areas, od2trips, zones, and vTypes

Dear All,

I'm building a mobility scenario from an OSM-like topology and I have various issues here and there.

1) walking areas
I'm building a scenario for pedestrian too, but if I use the options "sidewalks.guess", "crossings.guess", and "walkingareas", the resulting netfile has many of the connection tagged "walkingarea" broken (I't duarouter that points it out). Is there something that I'm missing or is it "normal" and I have to fix them by hand?

2) od2trips, zones, and vTypes
the taz are defined with a name and a list(string) of edges (all edges can be start and sink with the same probability), but in the same edge, I may have different allowed vehicles depending on the lane.
At the moment I have one complete zones definition that ignores the allowed vTypes, but when I use it with od2trips, the flows file and the trips file are both kind of unusable by duarouter or sumo. If I use taz and flows, duarouter gives me only the starting edge and it does not compute the full route, and sumo uses only one starting point for each taz. If I use the trips with duarouter, too many of them are broken because the (origins) destinations are unreachable (due to the vehicles not allowed on the edge)
Is there a simple solution for this issue? Am I using the tools in the wrong way? (probably yes)
Do I have to write different taz based on the vTypes allowed? Remember: in the same edge, I may have different allowed vehicles depending on the lane.
The last resource is to implement my own od2trips that uses only the right edges, hoping that duarouter (that is able to read my vTypes definitions) will compute the right route.

There are too many big files involved and I cannot share them on this mailing list. 
In case of need, I can privately share the repo.

Thank you in advance for the help.


Tel :

Campus SophiaTech

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