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[sumo-user] Simulation Step TraCI call at time 0



I setup a SUMO simulation with 0.5s time step in TraCI mode.

Once the TraCI is established I subscribe to departed vehicles count and then insert 10 vehicles at time 0s.

I call simulation step like this:


simulationStep(500) --> simulationStep(1000) --> simulationStep(1500) …


The first simulationStep returns subscription result that all 10 vehicles have departed.


Is there any way to call simulationStep like this:


simulationStep(0)  --> simulationStep(500) --> simulationStep(1000) --> simulationStep(1500) …


So that the first simulationStep call give me the subscription result showing that all vehicles have departed.

Apparently, I cannot do this since 0 has a special meaning and proceeds simulation to 500ms.

Is there any workaround for this, meaning calling simulationStep(0)  and getting subscription results without advancing the simulation?


Thank you.


- Mani


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