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Re: [sumo-user] Flow limitations

there is no limitation in file size that we are aware of.
In older versions of sumo simulation duration was limited to ~25 days (the signed integer range for milliseconds) but since
version 0.24.0 the time range allows for millions of years. Still there might be other issues...

- which version of sumo is used (version number, operating system 32/64bit)?
- at what time is the last car inserted?
- how many cars are inserted successfully?
- how big is the input file with the flows?
- what simulation options are used?


2017-09-25 19:32 GMT+02:00 Tom Hetto <tomhetto@xxxxxxxxx>:

is there any limitation in the size of a flow file?
I am currently using real world statistics of how many cars pass along a specifique road and generating a flow xml file from it for 6 million seconds. The firs 2 million work flawlessly but then it seems like no more cars are being spawned, but the flow has the correct data inthere...

Thank you for any help

Kind regards

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