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Re: [sumo-user] Performing simulation for sumo when time step = 20s via traci4matlab

Dear Lawrence. 

traci.simulationStep simulates until the specified time step given in milliseconds. Therefore, your command should look like this:


Best Regards.

2017-09-24 11:00 GMT-05:00 <sumo-user-request@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
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   1. Performing simulation for sumo when time step = 20s via
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Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2017 14:05:46 +0000
From: Lawrence Soon via sumo-user <>
To: ""
Subject: [sumo-user] Performing simulation for sumo when time step =
        20s via traci4matlab

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Hi all,

I tried to perform traci simulation in every 20 seconds from 1s to 1001s via traci4matlab using the below codes in MATLAB , yet it wont work, the sumo simulation ends at 0s (not even started). I wish to run my code at 1s, 21s, 41s, 61s, ..., 1001s in MATLAB (only for codes), bu in SUMO, the simulation time to run per second basis in sumo. In other words, the SUMO runs every second, but I m collecting the data via my MATLAB codes in even 20 seconds.

How to make the code works?

for t=1:50      %Loop 50 times for ever 20 seconds
     traci.simulationStep(20);  %set timestep = 20s

     <something else>

Thank you

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