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[sumo-user] emissionClass="PHEMlight/PC_D_EU4" not working with JTRROUTER

Dear SUMO community.

I am using JTRROUTER with a flows file including a vehicle type, as follows:

<vType id="car1" color="1,0,0" vClass="passenger"
emissionClass="PHEMlight/PC_D_EU4" guiShape="passenger"/>



However, I am getting the following error:

Error: The emission class for vType 'car1' is not known.

I am using SUMO 0.30.0 in Windows. What can I do?

Best Regards!

Andres Felipe Acosta Gil, MSc student - Software developer
Universidad Nacional de Colombia - MedellĂ­n
Facultad de Minas
Tel: +57 (4) 4255092
Institutional e-mail: afacostag@xxxxxxxxxxx
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