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[sumo-user] Vehicle deceleration

Hello SUMO community,

I’m currently extracting data from a simple intersection. My goal is to
plot the speed Vs distance to the intersection for a vehicle that is coming
to a stop from a certain speed.

Given the center of the intersection and the position of the vehicle I can
compute the required distance for each time step without a problem. The
thing is that the vehicle rather than brake gently and early before the
intersection (Classified as an allway stop), it brakes abruptly, with
decelerations close to the value on the .rou file. Please see the plot
attached for a crude representation.

>From reading certain posts on the forum, I found that for the current
model, this behavior is normal in a sense that the vehicle will brake as
late as possible. Is there a way to make the stopping maneuver smoother?
Maybe assigning different decelerations according to the current speed of
the vehicle?

Thank you for your time and effort.


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