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[sumo-user] How to simulate vehicles, given real veichle behaviours

Hi all, I have a problem about defining vehicles in my simulation.
I have data about real vehicles such as instant speed and acceleration.
Then I calculated mean, deviation, maximum and minimum (for the speed) and
max and minimum acceleration for each vehicle.
Is there any way to simulate a vehicle having the same characteristics?

My only idea is to define a vehicle type with these atttributes:
accel = max acceleration
decel = min deceleration
speed factor = speed mean
speed dev = speed deviation

I know that the actual beaviour of a vehicle depends on other factors, such
as lane speed limit, traffic etc. But I would simulate into an ideal case
in which the data obtained with the simulation is similar to the real one
(in the same conditions).

Thank you all.

Alessandro Virgilio
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