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[sumo-user] Multistage Routing of Persons


I'm trying to create multistage routing plans in SUMO 0.30 for Persons using the information at:

Attached is a working example scenario which reproduces the problem I've encountered (file extensions changed from XML due to a mail client attachment restriction).
The example scenario results in four out of five people completing their plan.
The one plan which fails gives the following message:

"Warning: PersonA at edge 'LeisurePlaceRoadLink2' position 207.87 cannot use waiting vehicle 'PersonA_car1' at position 0.00 because it is too far away."

I've attempted to specify the "arrivalPos" of the person on the previous stages but it seems to have no effect on setting the Person's edge position.
Also tried changing the stop "startPos" and "endPos" to similar values but this didn't solve it.

It not clear to me why the PersonA has a position of 207.87 on that edge (none of the other Persons seem to have a problem).
Explicitly setting the vehicle "departPosition" to that value is successful but the only way I can see to generate this value is trial and error which isn't going to work in my later scenarios.
Trying to set the vehicle "departPosition" to "last" (as per,_Vehicle_Types,_and_Routes#departPos) also didn't work as the edge length is 224, which again raises the question of why 207.87?

Apologies if I've missed something obvious.

Thanks for any help in advance,


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