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[sumo-user] Collision detection at intersections

Hello SUMO community,

I am currently testing collision scenarios at intersections using SUMO. The
junction used has an “X” shape and there are only two vehicles. Their
spawning speed and distance is such that they will meet at the
intersection, causing a collision. Also the intersection type is set to
“unregulated” to prevent braking.

After setting the initial conditions and verifying with the GUI that the
shapes of the vehicles do in fact overlap (as seen in the picture), I don’t
get any warning of a collision or teleport.

The collision.check-junctions is set to true in the .CFG file as instructed
in, along with collision.action
set to warn, but I still don’t get any.

Attached are the files so anyone can reproduce this result. Chances are I
made a mistake setting the collision check command, but I don't get any
syntax errors.

Thank you beforehand for your help


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