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Re: [sumo-dev] Give me some advice for making multimodal simulation

You already posted the message on the Matrix channel and we answered it over there. Please do not cross-post as there is a substantial subset of people looking at both contact options.







Betreff: [sumo-dev] Give me some advice for making multimodal simulation

Datum: 2023-10-19T04:52:53+0200

Von: "周 澤宇 via sumo-dev" <sumo-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

An: "sumo-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx" <sumo-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>




Dear SUMO developer member


This is shu.

I want to create intermodal situation in SUMO environment.


Does anyone can advise me how to make multimodal situation through SUMO tool?


First, I’d like to send you my current situation in movie.

In this congested situation, agent should move to BUS, but nobody uses it.

I’m not sure this problem.


Here is rou.xml data example below.

--From here--

<!-- VTypes -->

<vType id="BUS" vClass="bus"/>

<!-- Vehicles, persons and containers (sorted by depart) -->

<flow id="busflow1" type="BUS" begin="39600" line="line1" from="E51" to="E51" end="86400.00" period="600.00">

<stop busStop="bs_2" until="10.00"/>

<stop busStop="bs_4" until="45.00"/>

<stop busStop="bs_3" until="60.00"/>

<stop busStop="bs_1" until="510.00"/>

<stop busStop="bs_2" until="1050.00"/>



<personFlow id="t_10789" begin="43199.00" end="43499" probability="0.02">

    <personTrip from="-671947195#0" to="-75946082#3" modes="public car"/>


<personFlow id="t_10790" begin="43201.00" end="43501" probability="0.02">

    <personTrip from="-76951149#4" to="-585820947#0" modes="public car"/>


<personFlow id="t_10791" begin="43201.00" end="43501" probability="0.02">

    <personTrip from="-120305146#0" to="-120305146#0" modes="public car"/>


!--・・・lots personFlow command after above example--

I’d like to explain what I want to know and build situation.


Intermodal(multi-modal) situation is what I want to build.

It means below,

Every agents( personFlow command like above) can judge their best routes through <modes = “public car”> command to select “walk, car, or bus” between OD(begin ~ end) trip.

-Car to parkingArea to BUS

-Walking to BUS and move to their destination by foot or car.

BUS route is concretely defined.

Car and walk are based on OD data.

It is preferable that a modal shift occurs, especially under traffic jam conditions.


However, as the movie I sent you, nobody shift to ride on the BUS from their original vehicle even on the congested situation.

Therefore, I want to know, which point I should care more about.

For example, like command side, net.xml file side…etc. I’m not sure how to solve this problem.

Could you advise me some tips?


In addition, I want to know the SUMO algorithm of agents routes judgement methods.

Is it basically to say, the default mode is based on below?

Travel-time values for routing

By default, the route with the least travel time is chosen. The travel time depends on the current routing mode (configurable via traci.vehicle.setRoutingMode) or via the explicit routingMode argument to traci.simulation.findRoute.”



Hopefully, this question will solve as soon as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Best regards,


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