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Re: [sumo-dev] Developing e-scooters and micro mobility in SUMO

it may be a challenge to accurately express the movement behavior and location of the scooters:

Wherever the scooter drives on the road/bike lane you could model it like a (small) moped or bicycle. Where it drives on the sidewalk between the pedestrians you can still model this as shared space use but this currently doesn't (easily) permit using the sidewalk against the main direction of traffic.
An alternative would be to model the scooter like a very fast pedestrian. This gives full directional freedom but reduces realism with regard to acceleration / deceleration.

Switching between these approaches is also possible but must happen at pre-determined points (by modelling a person that rides the scooter to some point and then switches to "walking" at scooter speed.
There is also some ambiguity about where scooters drive with regard to local regulations and rule-adherence.

Of course you can remote-control the scooters with your own model and thus handle these topics in your own code.


Am Mo., 28. Nov. 2022 um 18:03 Uhr schrieb Gumble, Hannah <hannah.gumble.17@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi all, 

I am interested in micro-mobility, specifically e-scooters, and I am looking to extend the modelling capabilities of e-scooters in SUMO using behavioural data.

I am a PhD candidate at The Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, researching how new forms of micromobility can be suitably accommodated in existing transit networks. I am looking to create an agent-based model modelling e-scooter users use of space and interactions with other street users, and I am looking to develop the model in SUMO. 

I have been looking into SUMO's development and existing functionality. Would you be able to advise on any immediate significant difficulties/ limitations I may face in beginning to use SUMO for this purpose and are you aware of any other research taking place regarding micromobility and SUMO? Is anyone actively working on this and/ or would be willing to discuss it further?

Thank you for your time,


Hannah Gumble
Doctoral Student
UCL Centre of Advanced Spatial Analysis
Gower Street
Twitter @casaucl 
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