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Re: [sumo-dev] plexe.setFixedLane not working properly SUMO
  • From: Michele Segata <michele.segata@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 May 2022 09:48:13 +0200
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Dear Ankit,

setFixedLane has been implemented with an highway in mind, when you want to have a platooning vehicle stick to a lane instead of changing lane. The behavior in other contexts has never been tested. I also believe that what Jakob suggests is what is actually happening. If you set the lane to be an index > 0 but there is only one lane exiting the roundabout, then the vehicle doesn't find the corresponding lane to exit and it remains stuck. To test whether this is really the case, you could set the lane of a vehicle fixed to 0 with setFixedLane. If the vehicle exits the roundabout, then this is really the issue.


On 27/04/2022 10:02, Jakob Erdmann wrote:
I've never used Plexe and can only guess how  setFixedLane is implemented.
My guess is that when using laneIndex > 0 this would make the vehicle move to the inside lane of the roundabout and keep it there.

Am Fr., 22. Apr. 2022 um 07:59 Uhr schrieb Ankit Jatiya <akj0147@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:akj0147@xxxxxxxxx>>:

    But when a vehicle enters roundabout then also it is changing lane,
    but there is no problem. Only problem is while exiting the roundabout.

    On Fri, Apr 22, 2022, 11:24 AM Jakob Erdmann <namdre.sumo@xxxxxxxxx
    <mailto:namdre.sumo@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

        Vehicles typically have to move to the outer lane to exit the
        roundabout. This means you must allow some lane changing while
        inside the roundabout. One solution would be to let your
        management system trigger the change to the outside lane using

        Am Fr., 22. Apr. 2022 um 07:49 Uhr schrieb Ankit Jatiya
        <akj0147@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:akj0147@xxxxxxxxx>>:


            I am trying to implement a roundabout management system in
            SUMO.  I want to keep lanes fixed for vehicles.such that
            vehicles that want to go straight are in middle lane, those
            who want to turn right are in right lane and those who want
            to turn left are in left lane.
            I tried using plexe.setFixedLane but it has a problem.
            Vehicle enter the roundabout successfully but when it is
            time to leave the roundabout, it gets stuck just before
            leaving the roundabout in its lane.
            Is there some other way to keep lane fixed which avoid this

            Thank You & Regards

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Michele Segata, PhD
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Computer Science
University of Bolzano, Italy

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