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Re: [sumo-dev] Contribution Suggestions SUMO

Help with #7585 would be very much appreciated and be quite impactful for the community.
Working on this, would involve a tiny bit of web-programming (copying and adapting existing _javascript_ code), python programming and getting to know the OSM API .
It should be quite doable within your time frame.
I've added more details at
Any questions you have can be added as comments to that issue.


Am So., 16. Jan. 2022 um 20:26 Uhr schrieb Sabri Bektas <sabri.bektas@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

thanks for the quick respond 😄
I am a beginner to SUMO: I build the project on my local machine (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS), did some tutorials like, and used the
The work you guys did is really impressive and i have huge interests to be a (small) part of it. 

I would like to finish within 3 weeks, due to my upcoming exam period 😕. Per week i can invest like 10-15 hours.
My programming skills cover Python, Java, C++, ... (from which Python is my best).
I would like to work on issues like: 
But i would need further information on these.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Best wishes,


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Gesendet: Sonntag, 16. Januar 2022 17:01
An: sumo developer discussions <sumo-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Betreff: Re: [sumo-dev] Contribution Suggestions SUMO
contributions to SUMO are always welcome.
The recommended  area of contribution depends on your previous knowledge (i.e. programming in C++ or python), your level of experience with SUMO and the time you wish to invest.
An ideal (code) contribution cycle looks like this:
- ensure that you meet the requirements for code contribution (
- select an existing issue to work on from our issue tracker or propose a new issue (
- consult with the developers if you are unsure about the intended enhancement or bug
- create example inputs / failing test cases
- write code that makes those examples succeed
- learn how to run our test suite ( and ensure that your changes are compatible with existing tests
- create a pull request and wait for it to be reviewed / merged


Am So., 16. Jan. 2022 um 14:41 Uhr schrieb Sabri Bektas <sabri.bektas@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Dear SUMO Developers,

as a part of the lecture Simulation Software Engineering (at the University of Stuttgart) I would like to contribute something to SUMO.  I am pursuing a master's degree in informatics.
The goal of the aforementioned lecture is to contribute to an open source project as part of a personal challenge, in order to go through a whole contribution cycle "in real life" and complete all phases. The focus of this contribution is on learning how to work on a larger project. Consequently, it does not necessarily need to be on a scientific topic, e.g. implementing a tutorial or fixing bugs, but can also be a task like writing something for the documentation or homepage etc.
Since I don't just want to e.g. fix some typos, I am open to suggestions in order to contribute something useful to SUMO.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Sabri Bektas
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