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Re: [sumo-dev] Student project

Jakobs answer was very helpful! I followed his advice and looked for the attribute 'indirectLeft'  in the NetConvert. The NetConvert uses the NBNetBuilder, which uses the NBEdge. There is a function buildInnerEdges which uses this variable in a significant way. I tried to set it to True on a trial basis, expecting that this would result in the Netedit building indirect lefts everywhere. If this would have worked I would have been at the right place in the code and could have started my planned changes here. Unfortunately I could not notice any change after recompiling the solution, which confused me a lot. Am I at the right place of the code or completely wrong?
Best regards, Marvin Gran

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2021 15:24:13
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each connection already has the attribute 'indirectLeft' which controls whether it should be a smooth curve (like a car) or consist of two straight sections and this attribute can be set in netedit. Hence I don't think a netedit extension is needed.
However, it would be useful to add netconvert option that enables a heuristic for setting this attribute automatically based on junction size, road speed, road class or anything else that might be a contributing factor. This should mainly take effect when importing network data without fully specified connections but could also be designed to permit updating existing .net.xml files
Note, that such an option would also take effect when creating new intersections in netedit since it uses netconvert as a back-end for guessing connections.


Am Do., 9. Dez. 2021 um 14:09 Uhr schrieb Gran, Marvin <marvin.gran@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:


I am a student from TU Berlin in Germany and represent a student group of 7 people who want to create an extension for Sumo. We are primarily interested in making the behavior of cyclists more realistic based on collected data. Our current idea is to make cyclists behave differently at intersections depending on the size of the intersection and the surrounding traffic. Depending on the factors mentioned above, cyclists should either turn left directly like a car or alternatively make an indirect bycycle turn. Our approach is to work in Netedit, so that the connections at intersections are automatically generated differently depending on these factors. We are still at the beginning of the project and wonder if this is going in the right direction? Also a pointer where to do such changes in Netedit would be great!
Best regards, Marvin Gran

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