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[sumo-dev] Upcoming SUMO 1.11.0

Dear SUMO friends, users and developers,
we recently promised to inform earlier about upcoming releases, so this
is to announce that we are planning to release SUMO 1.11.0 on 23.11.2021.
So please do heavy testing of your scenarios and code with a nightly
build _now_ to let us repair all the glitches and have a shiny release.

Please note that the Linux repositories on the open build service have
changed and we are now residing on The links on the
download page are already updated.

The easiest way to check out a nightly build without messing up your
existing SUMO installation is probably to use a python virtual
environment. Here are the commands to do so:

python -m venv sumo_test
cd sumo_test
. bin/activate (or activate.bat on Windows)
pip install -i eclipse-sumo

We are looking forward to yur feedback!

Best regards,
Michael (for the SUMO team)

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