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Re: [sumo-dev] Retrieving the type of Junction
  • From: Adrien Dubedat <adrien.dubedat@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 3 Nov 2021 19:10:06 +0000
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  • Thread-topic: [sumo-dev] Retrieving the type of Junction

Hi Jakob,


Thank you for your reply, I only just see it now because your emails were considered as spams by my company’s IT department …


It looks like I’ve been able to extract those controlled junctions, perfect.


I have another question. I’m interested in retrieving the state of the traffic lights associated to pedestrian crosswalks.

In the documentation, it says that the crosswalks’ states are at the end of “state” string when calling “getRedYellowGreenState()”.

Is there a way to know where do the pedestrian crosswalks start in that string ? Or is there a way to identify those crosswalks ?


Thank you,



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The junction type is currently not accessible via the TraCI API.  (for static network analysis, the python library sumolib is recommended:


If you only need to identify traffic light junctions, you can use the functions in TrafficLight.h to retrieve this information:

- all traffic light controllers with getIDList

- all junction ids controller by a given controller with getControlledJunctions





Am Mo., 1. Nov. 2021 um 18:16 Uhr schrieb Adrien Dubedat <adrien.dubedat@xxxxxxx>:



I’m trying to retrieve the type of a Junction, I’m using the C++ library.


In an file which lists all junctions, I see there are some different node types ( :


<junction id="101335548" type="traffic_light" x="9587.74" y="5049.51" incLanes="-770022998#1_0 480644124#1_0 690226256#9_0 -11661029#1_0" intLanes=":101335548_0_0 :101335548_1_0 :101335548_16_0 :101335548_17_0 :101335548_4_0 :101335548_5_0 :101335548_18_0 :101335548_19_0 :101335548_8_0 :101335548_9_0 :101335548_20_0 :101335548_21_0 :101335548_12_0 :101335548_13_0 :101335548_22_0 :101335548_23_0" shape="9587.30,5041.43 9593.31,5043.64 9592.97,5045.85 9593.23,5046.73 9593.79,5047.47 9594.63,5048.06 9595.77,5048.51 9593.99,5054.65 9591.44,5054.42 9590.39,5054.75 9589.50,5055.38 9588.76,5056.31 9588.18,5057.54 9582.17,5055.32 9582.52,5053.10 9582.26,5052.21 9581.71,5051.46 9580.87,5050.85 9579.74,5050.39 9581.63,5044.27 9584.11,5044.53 9585.13,5044.20 9586.00,5043.58 9586.72,5042.65">


I looked in the C++ classes / headers, mostly in “Junction” class, and I didn’t find anything related to that type, while we can get the Position or the Shape for example.


Does anyone have an idea on how to get this data ?


Thank you,


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