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[sumo-dev] (no subject)

Dear friends and Matlab users,
the development of the traci4matlab library is lagging behind the latest Sumo release because Andres, the core maintainer of the software is busy with his Ph.D.
Any help he could get with updating the library, would  be useful to many other users.
Right now, traci4matlab is compatible with Sumo 1.1.0 and only minor updates are necessary for 1.6.0 compatibility
- a few method signatures changed and need to be updated
- new API functions were added that are not yet supported
As the core team at the DLR is not using Matlab at all, I'm hoping somebody else could give a hand.
Pull requests can be sent to
For explanations on how traci4matlab is organized, you can contact Andres directly.
Comments at are welcome.

best regards,

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