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[sumo-dev] SUMO development documenation (doxygen output)

Hi SUMO maintainer,

there was recently a question for call graphs in the SUMO user group.

I looked in the doxygen output ( -> Data Structures and have some remarks:

1) There is data structure index, but not a class index, only a class hierarchy. It is difficult to find the class MSLCM_LC2013 e.g..

2) What is the difference between classes and data structures? Every class seems to be also a data structure.

3) The inheritance and collaboration diagrams are hard to read. In my projects the classes in these diagrams are shown only with names, not with members (UML_LOOK=NO). This makes it much easier to read (see e.g. the collaboration diagram forĀ

4) If you look here for followSpeed, you get a call list (not a graph):

Referenced by MSLCM_LC2013::_wantsChange(), MSLCM_LC2013::anticipateFollowSpeed(), applyHeadwayAndSpeedDifferencePerceptionErrors(), MSLCM_SL2015::checkStrategicChange(), MSLCM_SL2015::commitFollowSpeed(), MSCFModel_CC::followSpeed(), MSVehicle::Influencer::gapControlSpeed(), libsumo::Vehicle::getFollowSpeed(), MSVehicle::getSafeFollowSpeed(), MSLink::getZipperSpeed(), MSLCM_DK2008::informBlocker(), MSLCM_LC2013::informFollower(), MSLCM_SL2015::informFollower(), MSLCM_LC2013::informLeader(), MSLCM_SL2015::informLeader(), patchSpeedBeforeLC(), MSLCM_LC2013::slowDownForBlocked(), MSLCM_SL2015::slowDownForBlocked(), MSLCM_SL2015::updateExpectedSublaneSpeeds(), MSLCM_DK2008::wantsChangeToLeft(), and MSLCM_DK2008::wantsChangeToRight().

This might be helpful for other people

Best regards, Harald

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