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Re: [sumo-dev] emissions whilst trying to exit from parking

The approach sounds reasonable. However, it won't cover all kinds of emission outputs:


Am So., 23. Feb. 2020 um 20:41 Uhr schrieb The div <div@xxxxxxxx>:
I'm playing with multiple aspects of vehicle behaviour associated with parking.

It appears that when the parking/stopping period has ended and the vehicle is trying to re-enter the net - ie engine is running - emissions are not computed until the vehicle is actually on the road.
In my models this is significant because vehicles are often blocked from entering the lane, by other vehicles, for many sim steps - equivalent to 5-10mins real time.

I don't pretend to understand the emission model yet, however I have been looking at what seems a relatively simple way to get these emission values output - this is what i did:
1) add a new flag  - 'myTryingToEnter' to SUMOVehicle/MSVehicle etc.  paralleling the 'myAmOnNet' flag with associated get/set functions. (This could equally be an 'engineStarted' flag if there was a more generic use case.)
2) change     MSVehicleTransfer::checkInsertions   line 127  to set this flag, before the insertion check,  and clear the flag, in the block after insertion success.
3)  change    MSEmissionExport::write   line 51        if (veh->isOnRoad()) {     to     something like           if (veh->isOnRoad()  || veh->isTryingToEnterRoad() ) {

This seems to give me (idling) emission outputs with no obvious side effects wrt my results or the test sets.

My questions are
a) Is this a sensible approach or is it likely to break something I don't understand
b) If not please could you give me any pointers to implementing this functionality.



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