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[sumo-dev] Committer representatives for the openMobility working group (candidates wanted!)

Dear Eclipse SUMO developers,
the Eclipse openMobility working group started officially last week with the participation of Bosch, Vector, Fraunhofer FOKUS and the DLR. Since it will have a major influence on all the associated projects (currently only SUMO), the committers to the project(s) should be represented in the steering committee of the working group and we are now looking for candidates for this excellent opportunity to influence the further development of SUMO and openMobility. The two committer representatives are elected by all committers for one year and are expected to join the (currently biweekly) telcos and if possible the personal meetings (twice a year). For details please see the openMobility charter and have a look at the meeting minutes from the kickoff

So please if you care about the further development of openMobility, just write a mail to this list declaring your candidacy. We will close this poll next Friday (31st of May) and start the election afterwards.

Best regards,

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