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[sumo-dev] Missing File FileHelpersTest.cpp in tar-ball sumo-all-1.1.0.tar.gz

Dear developers,

thanks for the new release as christmas gift!
There is a small issue:
I downloaded the archive sumo-all-1.1.0.tar.gz and unpacked it.
When running cmake, i got the error:

    -- Enabled features: Linux-4.18.0-12-generic x86_64 GNU 8.2.0 Release Proj GUI GDAL OSG GL2PS SWIG
    -- Configuring done
    CMake Error at unittest/src/utils/common/CMakeLists.txt:1 (add_executable):
      Cannot find source file:
      Tried extensions .c .C .c++ .cc .cpp .cxx .cu .m .M .mm .h .hh .h++ .hm
      .hpp .hxx .in .txx
    CMake Error at unittest/src/utils/common/CMakeLists.txt:1 (add_executable):
      No SOURCES given to target: testcommon

This file is in the daily release (git check out) and other places.

    harald@nyc> find ../../.. -name FileHelpersTest.cpp

Copying it to the right place solves the issue.

Best regards, Harald

Am 18.12.18 um 13:00 schrieb Jakob Erdmann:
> Dear friends and users, we are glad to announce the release of SUMO > version 1.1.0. The download links are at > We took the first step towards > visual demand editing by adding support for Traffic Analysis Zones to > NETEDIT and also improving corresponding visualization in SUMO-GUI. > On the simulation side, we added new warnings for strong vehicle > deceleration and consequently fixed several issues related to invalid > braking. Also, we have a new logo! There are many more new features > and fixes in this release and the most important ones are listed > below. For a full list of changes, as always see > > > We're looking forward to meet you and hear about your projects at the > next user conference in May 2019 in Berlin > ( > > --- Enhancements --- > > Simulation - The simulation now runs about 15% faster compared to the > previous release - Added warning messages for vehicles that perform > emergency braking. The warning threshold can be configured with the > new option --emergencydecel.warning-threshold <FLOAT>. The given > threshold is compared against the severity of the event (braking with > emergencyDecel corresponds to 1 and braking with decel corresponds to > 0). By default the threshold is set to 1. - Trains can now reverse > direction anywhere on a bidirectional track. - ParkingAreas now > support the attribute onRoad. If set to true, vehcles will park on > the road lane, thereby reducing road capacity. - The eagerness for > opposite-direction overtaking can now be configured with the new > vType attribute lcOpposite (range [0,inf[). > > SUMO-GUI - The numerical value for coloring edges/lanes, vehicles and > persons (e.g. speed limit, acceleration, waitingTime) can now > optionally be shown. When this option is set, the value will also be > printed in the object tool tip. Likewise, the numerical value for > coloring vehicles (e.g. acceleration) can optionally be shown. - The > text background color for IDs and object descriptions can now be > configured. - Can now color streets according to custom lane or edge > parameters. - TAZ now support attribute color for rendering the > associated shape. This color can also be used in the new edge > coloring mode color by TAZ. - Breakpoints can now be set via option > --breakpoints <TIME>,<TIME>... - Added visualization option to apply > size exaggeration only to selected objects. > > NETEDIT - New editing mode for TAZ (Traffic Analysis Zones). - > Overlapping objects can now be inspected via consecutive clicks on > the same location. - Shift-click can now be used to inspect, select > and delete lanes. - LaneAreaDetectors (E2) that span multiple > consecutive lanes can now be created within NETEDIT. - POIs can now > be created from geo-coordinates in the clipboard (e.g. from online > map sites) with a single click. > > NETGENERATE - Added options --perturb-x, --perturb-y, --perturb-z to > add random perturbations to all node coordinates. Perturbations can > be specified as mean or capped normal distribution normc(a,b,c,d). > > NETCONVERT - Added option --tls.layout <STRING> for selecting between > layouts that group opposite directions ('opposites') and layouts that > have one phase per incoming edge ('incoming'). - Added option > --tls.guess.threshold <FLOAT> to control the heuristic for guessing > traffic lights. A traffic light is guessed if the sum of speeds of > all incoming lanes exceeds the threshold value. - Added new node > attribute rightOfWay to configure the algorithm for computing > right-of-way rules (allowed values are default, edgePriority). Also > added new option --default.right-of-way to set this value for all > nodes in a network. - Importing internal lane shapes from OpenDRIVE > is now supported using option --opendrive.internal-shapes. > > Tools - checks lane-based reachability and handles > pedestrian infrastructure. - can now be used to > generate intersection flow diagrams. - now supports > comparing <personinfos> by setting option --persons. > > TraCI - Context Subscriptions can now be equipped with filters acting > on the server side. - TraCI now offers the method openGap() for > temporary changes of the vehicle's desired headway. > > > --- Bugfixes --- > > Simulation - Fixed multiple bugs that were causing unnecessarily > strong deceleration. - Fixed Bug where vehicles would stop moving > after changing to the opposite direction lane. - Fixed > parkingAreaReroute to a destination which is too close for stopping. > - Fixed crash when using carFollowModel ACC on multi-lane roads. > (regression in 1.0.1) - Fixed invalid halting count in E3 detector > output - Fixed invalid upper bound on density in edgeData-output for > multi-lane edges. - Fixed crashes related to vehicles that > lane-change multiple times on the E3-detector entry edge. - Fixed > deadlock caused by long vehicles being unable to re-enter traffic > after parking in a short parkingArea. - Fixed bug where vehicles from > minor roads would drive onto the intersection to aggressively. - > Fixed bug where pedestrians would ignore prioritized vehicles when > walking onto a crossing. > > NETCONVERT - Fixed bug that was causing invalid road geometry when > using high-resolution input data at dense junction clusters. - Fixed > bug when building networks for opposite-direction overtaking that was > causing collisions in the simulation. - Fixed invalid right-of-way > rules in left-hand networks. - Option --tls.guess no longer builds > traffic lights at almost every intersection. The default > lane-speed-sum threshold (Option --tls.guess.threshold) was changed > from 150km/h to 250km/h. - Fixed unnecessary right-of-way > restrictions in some cases where incoming edges target distinct lanes > on the target edge. - Fixed bugs that could cause loss of elevation > information. - Fixed permissions on internal lanes after internal > junctions. > > NETEDIT - Menu option Load Foreign can now be used to import OSM > files directly. - Fixed bug where right-of-way mode would show > invalid properties. - Fixed modifying elevation in Move-mode > (regression in 1.0.0). > > TraCI - traci.vehicle.getLaneChangeState now returns correct > information while controlling the vehicle with moveToXY. - Fixed bug > where lateral collisions from unsafe calls to vehicle.changeSublane > are prevented despite disabling safeguards via setLaneChangeMode. > > If you've read this far we also wish you a merry christmas and a > happy new year (-: > > Have fun with the new release, Michael, Yun-Pang, Laura, Leo, Pablo, > Jakob, Robert, Melanie, Johannes and Matthias > > _______________________________________________ sumo-user mailing > list sumo-user@xxxxxxxxxxx To change your delivery options, retrieve > your password, or unsubscribe from this list, visit >

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