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Re: [sumo-dev] Running real traffic data traces in SUMO

Your problem involves mapping GPS positions onto the network so that they form an unbroken route. This problem is known as and can be difficult depending on the quality of the GPS data and the density of the network.
SUMO includes programming libraries that allow mapping GPS coordinates onto a network but I this only works well if the coordinates have good quality (they map onto roads unambiguously). Gaps between the matched positions can be filled in by the routing algorithms in SUMO. Using these libraries always involves some programming by the user.
SUMO does not include a full-blown Map-Matching algorithm that could handle ambiguities automatically.
If you are an experienced programmer and your GPS data is fairly good than you can build such a scenario within 1-3 weeks. Even as a SUMO beginner you should be pick up the usage of these libraries fairly quickly from the documentation (


2018-06-23 1:29 GMT+02:00 kapil gupta <kap.kgp@xxxxxxxxx>:
Hi All,

I am the first time user of the SUMO and would like to understand little bit more on how hard is to simulate the real traffic data traces in SUMO

Specifically, I want to understand how many days/week will it take for me (beginner level) to simulate a trace data (periodic GPS coordinates per vehicle available with time stamps) on OSM map in SUMO.

Thanks a lot in advance,

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