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Re: [sumo-dev] Appropriate way of creating junctions in a network importer

as soon as you declare at least 1 connection for an edge, no further connections will be guessed.
Declaring an edge to be without connections should work by calling addEdge2EdgeConnection(0). This is how
NIXMLConnectionsHandler does it (The flag that prevents guessing in this case is INIT_REJECT_CONNECTIONS).
You should declare your connections using
edge->addLane2LaneConnection(fromLane, to, toLane, NBEdge::L2L_USER, true, mayDefinitelyPass, keepClear, contPos, visibility, speed, customShape))
The defaults for these parameters can be found here:
The assumption is, that the import process is finished before entering NBNetBuilder::compute()


2018-06-22 19:00 GMT+02:00 Mirko Barthauer <m.barthauer@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi SUMO developers,

I have run into some problems with my netconvert extension. Following the instructions at , I have created the NBNode and NBEdge instances from my input format. Afterwards, I'd like to add connections to the junctions. It seems to me they already get created automatically together with the edges.

My question is: How can I add those connections I want (providing a custom shape, too) and leave out the others? And how do these steps like "INIT_REJECT_CONNECTIONS" interfere with the import process?

 Firstly, I used NBEdge::addEdge2EdgeConnection(0) to remove connections, but somehow netconvert didn't like the dummy Connection struct created in this method. What is the advised way here?


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