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Re: [sumo-dev] Sumo Eclipse Wiedemann Model Question

every vehicle type (MSVehicleType) has its own car-following model instance.
When the user duplicates an existing vehicle type (i.e. to make modifications for a single vehicle), the car following model instance is duplicated as well to ensure that other vehicles are not affected. For that reason, all car-following models implement the 'duplicate' method.


2018-05-24 20:02 GMT+02:00 Alessandro Kerr <kerr11g@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hello Development Team, 

In the MSCFModel_Wiedemann.cpp file I have a question regarding a function. What is the purpose of using a duplicate function to add a "my" prefix to accel, decel, security, estimation, etc (line 101-103). I am not sure why this was done and the initial variables needed to be altered. 



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