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[sumo-dev] [sumo-devel] help

Dear all,
I want to make each vehicle in SUMO receives a TCP packet from an external

I have implemented this  Python Script :
*import traci*
*traci.start(sumoCmd) *

*while traci.simulation.getMinExpectedNumber() > 0: *
*  for veh_id in traci.vehicle.getIDList():*
*    position = traci.vehicle.getSpeed(veh_id)*
*    print(veh_id)*
*    print(traci.vehicle.getRoute(veh_id))*
*    traci.vehicle.setRoute("veh0", ["44468929", "189216027", "371230575",
* traci.close()*

This error is raising :
Could not connect to TraCI server at localhost:57613 [Errno 10061] No
connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
 Retrying in 1 seconds
What is the problem ? Can you help me please ?


My Best Regards,

PhD student at CRISTAL Lab, RAMSIS Pole, ENSI- Tunisia.
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