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[sumo-dev] TraCI ID_LIST command return nothing for lanes


currently I am expanding the API coverage of my TraCI implementation in C# (

On testing my implementation for, for example, data retrieval commands related to lanes (0xa3), I am finding that:
- get ID count (0x01) returns a number, like 68
- however, get ID list (0x00) returns nothing; TraCI acknowledges the request, reports it succeeded (0x00) in the acknowledgement, but there is no further content in the data received via tcp

I am using SUMO 0.32 for this.
The same happens with junctions, edges and vehicle types. Interestingly, with detectors (type 1, 2, 3) and traffic lights, retrieving the ID list works just fine. The implementation for these commands is identical between all types, using a generic method.

Any ideas?

Greets, Menno

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